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Trail status -Updated Nov 24

Wednesday November 16, 2022

As of November 24:

We got the extra snow we wanted but it is wet snow on top of a base saturated by earlier rain. Grooming will have to wait until the water drains or freezes. Our team will be checking frequently and will start grooming as soon as they can. We might have to wait till cooler temperatures on the weekend. In the meantime, the lodge and the front gate will be closed and the lights will remain off. 

Our Nordic Pulse report will indicate when tails are trackset..


From November 16:

Trails still need about 10 cm of snow before we can completely open. In the meantime you are welcome to come sample the snow and explore the trails at your own risk. The lodge and the front gate may be open intermittently during the daytime, but the lights will remain off until we officially open. 

Check the Nordic Pulse report to see which trails have been trackset.

As of Nov 16: Broadway, Wetzin'kwa, Logging Roads, Pooch Paradise, Hound Heaven.

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