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For Coaches of the Nordic Skills Development Programs

NSDP Coordinator Denise Kelly


"The Master Schedule" Coach Practice Planning Schedule for All ADP Age Groups

Online Google calendar for this season

This calendar is a proposed layout of activities for this fall and winter.  Emails from coaches and coordinators will contain the details of activities and confirm any changes.  Do not expect this calendar to be always up-to-date.  If any questions contact group coach or head coach.  


IMPORTANT for Coaches:

All coaches, including volunteer coaches, must register for a seasons pass or day pass as this is required for anyone who uses the trails.

Coach Licence -

All coaches coaching for more than 7 hours/year must sign up for the 2021-22 NC Coaching License before starting to coach from July 1st to June 30th in order to continue benefiting from NC liability insurance coverage and other benefits.

The NC coaching license is mandatory for all active cross country ski coaches in Canada who are coaching at least 7 hours per year with a registered cross country ski club (with their division).

An “active” coach is anyone who performs typical coaching tasks with a registered club, including delivering practices or assisting with delivery of practices, with any age group, for at least 7 hours per year.

The Nordiq Canada license is renewable annually and is valid from July 1 to June 30 at no charge. Registration opens on June 15 each year. You must already be a club member to sign up for a Coaching License.  Please do this at the start of each season.  Click on 'Coach Licence' above for the quick and easy way to sign up.   

Criminal Record Checks - Required for all Athlete development coaches including rabbits coaches and ski skool instructors. Please ensure you have this redone every 5 years.  It is free.

Contact Jan Wengelin or Denise Kelly for instructions on how to complete a criminal record check.


Coach Training

Link to coach training information page



Click to view or right-click and Save link as ...  to download.   Google Drive means that it is on going changes from year to year.


Coach Practice and Race resources: