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10/12/18 1:20p
Temperature-0.1 C
Wind0.0 km/hr
Wind Chill-0.1 C
Today's Precip   
(1 mm = 1-2 cm snow) 
0.0 mm
Yesterday's Precip. 0.4 mm
recorded 11:30p09/12/18

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Dec 9, 2018

We need more snow for Pine Creek and the dog trails but the little Ginzu has been successfully grooming the low snowpack on many of the lodge-side trails. Logging roads, Broadway and Down the Mountain are in pretty good shape....


Track Setting Equipment
  • Some trails skiable
  • While we are patiently waiting for more snow to fall there are a few trails that are skiable if you are aware that it is a shallow snow pack and there may be hazards along the trail, use rock skis...

  • New Nordic Centre Sign
  • A great new sign for the nordic centre was installed this morning at the entrace to the centre on Hudson Bay Mountain Rd. Thanks to Eamon O' Donoghue for building the beautiful timber frame.  The installation crew was Eamon,...

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