BV Nordic Centre

Chris Dahlie Memorial Cup

Chris was an early promoter of skiing in the Valley. He came to Canada in 1928, drawn to the Bulkley Valley as it reminded Chris of his homeland near Lillehammer, Norway. A natural skiing population grew amongst the Scandinavian settlers, many of them were tie-hackers from the railway construction days.

Building ski jumps, cutting slalom runs, designing cross county routes, and helping Harry Orm make hickory and birch skis; Chris’s life revolved around the sport in all its aspects. He built the first ski cabin up on The Prairie at the downhill ski area. Participating in slalom, cross country ski racing and jumping, he regularly traveled from Burns Lake to Hazelton for tournaments, and attended championships around the province.

In his memory, his wife Elsie had the silver cup made; to be dedicated every year to a ski booster:
Someone who promotes the sport by helping to make better facilities, by great personal performance or via leadership in the ski community.

In the early years, the award alternated between the Smithers Ski Club, and the cross-country club. Since 2000 the tradition has been carried on by the BV Cross Country Ski Club every year.

Past Recipients

1990 Walter Hromatka
1991 Einar Blix
1992 Claire Challen
1993 Graham Maclean
1994 Dan Young
1995 Olav Skjelbred
1996 Paul & Esme Challen
1997 Gary & Liz Murdoch
1998 Daphne Moser
1999 Brant & Tenley Dahlie 
2000 Cor & Mary Vandermaal 
2001 Marilyn Ritchey
2002-03 Karen MacKeown & Dave Bustard
2002-03 Pat & Dave Pearce
2004-05 Debbie & Dennis Courtliff
2005-06 Steve Howard
2006-07 Mark Blayney & Loretta Malkow
2007-08 Brian Fuhr & Kathleen Yates
2008-09 Bob & Karen Mitchell
2009-10 Jill & Peter Krause
2010-11 Lorraine & Des Moran
2011-12 Liz Holdyk
2012-13 Kathy Spiro
2013-14 Dave Pellow
2014-15 Larry McCulloch
2015-16 Alex & Jane Woods
2017-18 Kevin Kriese & Irene Ronalds
2018-19 Steve & Liz Osborn
2019-20 Geoff Recknell & Sandra Nash
2020-21 Alan Baxter
2021-22 Darlene and Mike Doogan-Smith