BV Nordic Centre

Skiing with a Dog?

You and 1 or 2 dogs are welcome to ski designated dog trails and connecting trails from the lower parking lot.

Dogs are not allowed on other trails, the upper parking lot or in buildings.

You must be in control of your dog; that means on leash or trained to be quickly recalled.

Clean up dog poop from the trails; either take it home in a bag or flick unbagged poop into the bush. Please flick neglected poop too!

Ski with your dog in the direction posted to reduce confrontations.

Read the club's policy on skiing with dogs at the Nordic Centre

Tips for skiing with dogs

  • Leave your dog in your vehicle until you are ready to ski.

  • Don't let your dog run through the tunnel in front of you. Keep your dog under close control until you get to the dog trails. 

  • Try this alternative to flicking: Use a bag to pick up and toss the poop off the trail. Keep the bag, tie it clean side out and take it home.

  • Don’t let your dog approach other skiers unless invited.