BV Nordic Centre

Teck Northern Cup #2 - BCWG Zone 7 Trials

What: Teck Northern Cup #2 and BC Winter Games Trials for Zone 7
When: January 2, 2022
Where: Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre
Race Notice
Registration via Zone4

Bib Pick-Up: Race day, 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at the Gary Murdoch Wax Hut.

Start Time Change

  • The race start time will move from Jan 2, 11 am to Jan 2, 12 pm
  • This is to give us the best chance of running the entire race (i.e. have the temperature above warmer than -15 C for U12 and -20 C others)
  • We will not delay the race later than 12 pm

Temperature Considerations

  • BC continues to be in a deep freeze;
    • Trend is looking good for Jan 2 with at least some warming associated with snow
    • Even at current temperatures we are seeing temps in the afternoon below -20 at BV Nordic
  • Due to COVID Restrictions, there wont be an indoor warm place to ‘hang out and warm up’
  • Please dress accordingly and consider using your vehicle as a ‘warming hut’ as required
  • Please consider having hot shots and toe warmers for your kids as required
  • BV Nordic will send an email Saturday afternoon to generally address the temperature as it relates to the race

COVID Considerations

Course Maps And COVID Safetey Plan