BV Nordic Centre

Trail Plan

The Board approved a Trail Plan in 2017.  In those four years we have invested almost $200,000 on trailwork. Major funders have been the Province of BC Rural Dividend, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Wetzin'kwa Community Forest, and the BV Cross Country Ski Club.  The major accomplishments of our trail work are:

  • Early Season Trails; We have a network of almost 30km of trails that we can set in the early season with less than 20cm of snow.  These trails are now (mostly) well drained, graded and smooth.  
  • New Trails;  We added Down the Mountain and created a Wetzin'kwa loop in 2018.  Both of these additions eliminated "out and back" tracksetting so we got new trails without putting additional demand on the tracksetting;
  • We added "Wild Dog" in 2018, expanding our dog trail system to over 11 km, which is one of the largest in BC
  • We added great new signs at all trail junctions, updated the trail map, added a new Kiosk at the lower parking lot, and installed a new entrance sign on the Hudson Bay Mountain Road.
  • Tree Hazard; due to logging from Wetzin'kwa in 2018 and some great support from BC WildfireService in 2019 and 2020, we were able to substantially reduce the hazard from dead pine along the trails.  This means there is lower risk to skiers, and it's less work for tracksetters and mowers who were spending a lot of time clearing deadfall.
  • Gates and cables; we installed two new gates and several cables to prevent vehicles from driving on and rutting our trails.
  • Mowing; we have graded trails and removed debris to make machine mowing easier.  We also purchased a tracked skid steer that can mow the pesky alder beside the trails.  Overall, our brush is mostly under control.

However, we still have more work to do.  There is more drainage and grading work, mostly on Pine Creek.  We have a couple of old log culverts that will need to be replaced, and we need to develop a safe and dry bypass to the swamp on Pine creek.  There are still some places where the trails need minor improvements for better tracksetting.   

The priority for the executive is to continue to complete upgrades to our existing trail system, make it easier to maintain and groom, and make trails better to ski. These will be the highest priority for an updated trail plan.  

We also receive lots of suggestions from skiers on new trails; while those may not be an immediate priority, the updated trail plan will capture them and identify the ones that may be possible in the  longer term.

Some of the trail ideas we have heard include:

  • Dedicated single track classic trails;
  • "Adventure" trail for kids;
  • Expansion up the mountain to get ahead of climate change and allow earlier season skiing;;
  • Dog trail expansion;
  • lower parking lot expansion; and
  • more.....

Once a trail plan is complete, projects can only be initiated if there is a champion to lead the work, and we can secure necessary funding.  


If you are interested in helping out with trail planning, maintenance, or development, or if you have questions about the trail plan, please send a note to