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2020 Teck Northern Cup #4/Chris Dahlie Open Write-up

Wednesday February 26, 2020

The BV Nordic Cross Country Ski Club hosted the 4th Northern Teck Cup of the season on Sunday Feb.16 to a group of nearly 80 enthusiastic skiers eager to push themselves on some of the challenging features of the course. Temperatures were perfect at just below zero with intermittent snowing and sun at various times. The race format was classic mass start, so waxing for appropriate grip and glide was on everyone’s minds. Although the registrants were primarily from our club, we had entrants travel from Houston, Vanderhoof and Prince George to join the competition.

It’s always cute to see the littlest racers vary between focused determination and adorable dawdling along the trails, often accompanied by a parent. Eventually, they will become the next generation of competitive racers, and so for now, the older racers look back nostalgically at what they once were as well. Some age groups were well-populated, others sparsely so.

Highlights include: in the U8-2 Boys, the two Ethans were neck-and-neck at the end with Ethan Chapman just out in front of Ethan Rosenberger for an exciting finish. Ash Keddie crossed the finish line first for U8-1 Boys. Each age category is comprised of two-year intervals and often the final results are grouped with more specific birth year separations. Juliette Fleury-Allen came out on top for U8-2 Girls, while Annalise Groot and Adelie Dumais battled out for a close 2nd/3rd finish, with Willa Rath Jenne placing 4th overall, but 1st in her U8-1 Girls category. U10 Boys saw another close finish between 1st Finn Rosenberger and 2nd Gabe Wimbush, with Tao Duncan 3rd in the overall category, but first in the U10-1 Boys. Macey Nisbet skied a great race to achieve 1st in U10-2 Girls, with Isa Coupe behind her and 1st in the U10-2 Girls. There were a large number of boys in the U12s, with Nico Gagnon topping the contingent in the older category, while Adrian Wickham capped the U12-1 Boys group and Sacha Fleury-Allen the U12 Girls.

The U14s were smaller groups with Ari Rath Jenne and Hayden Gillis being the top boys in their respective sub-categories, and Catherine DeGisi and Eden Dunbar in theirs. U16 Boys saw Scott Clarke-Doering edge out Caedmon Dunbar, while Chloe Williston topped the girls.

The oldest group of teens had only 3 young men racing this year. Jesse Smids, Conor Murphy and Miller Kriese were all impressive with their technique and speed.

For the adults, there was a great group of a variety of ages, though limited in numbers with the women. Jodi Preto came in 1st in the Masters Women, and in the Men, there were a few age categories in action: Peter Krause sailed in first over the line in the 50-59 age category, followed closely by Ryan Chapman in the 30-39, Sandy McLean in the 40-49 was a few minutes afterwards, and barely behind him was Richard Harrison skiing fantastically for the over 60s.

The club appreciates the sponsorship by Teck BC for this series of races, providing financial support and awards for the racers. As always, volunteers make this event tick along with incredible attention to detail, from the parent coaches in helping to get the young skiers ready for racing via physical and mental preparation, to the waxers, to the logistical team of registration, course set-up, timing, results, announcements and grooming, etc. and the kitchen headquarters helping nourish and replenish the spent skiers afterwards. Thanks to all involved!

Next up: The Wetzin’kwa Loppet on Sat. Mar.14, also known as the “Candy Race” to the kids for the refueling stations set up around the marathon route. Consider joining in this fun season finale!

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Written by Perry Rath.

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