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BV Nordic Skiers at the BC Championships

Saturday March 19, 2022

Bulkley Valley Nordic Skiers Striding High at the BC Championships

The BC Cross Country Ski Championships were held in Prince George March 4-6, providing high level racing for 47 athletes from the Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club. The event, which featured three days of racing at the Otway Nordic Centre, attracted 395 athletes from 22 clubs from across British Columbia and the Yukon. 

The weekend featured a classic distance race, a freestyle race, and a classic relay with teams of three skiers. The courses were steep and technical, designed to meet the highest level of competition. This made for challenging skiing and coach Andrew Brisbin had made sure the Bulkley Valley skiers were ready.

The highlights came early as the youngest Smithers skiers made short work of the courses. Seven-year-old Myles Rosenberger overtook the entire field to win both the mass start and interval start races, then joined teammate Ethan Chapman and brother Ethan Rosenberger to claim second in Sunday’s relay. “Half of your winnings go to your wax team,” advised wax lead Chris Werrell. Myles dutifully returned to the wax tent with half a cookie.

U10 skiers Juliette Fleury-Allen and Ellie-Mae Werrell were similarly inspired, skiing to third and four respectfully in both the skate and classic ski races, then combining to finish first in the relay at their introduction to BC Championships racing.

The Cullen brothers, Elliot and Isaac, who have both shown rapid technical progress this winter, had strong performances in Saturday’s U12 skate race. 

The Smithers U14 boys, Jesse Wimbush, Alex Forsyth and Adrian Wickham, skied to third in the relay. “The relay was a highlight of the race weekend,” reflected Jesse. “That and hanging out between races with the team and with skiers from other clubs.” 

The task of tuning the racers’ skis for optimum grip and glide fell to coach Chris Werrell. Chris was in his comfort zone and was able to guide a team of enthusiastic technicians toward the goal of providing top quality skis. His mentorship was key to the weekend’s success.

Wynter Lilles, a U14 skier, showed impressive technique and great endurance, putting grip and glide to good use and moving quickly throughout her BC Championships debut. 

A U20 girls relay team featuring Chloe Williston, Darah Gillis, and Ava Wimbush were 7th fastest in the province, and the same result was attained by the masters men: Caedmon Dunbar, Patrick Williston, and Ryan Chapman. The Bulkley Valley masters women, Helene Fleury, Jodi Preto and Laura Hols-Wimbush placed 8th.

When not warming up, racing, cooling down, and cheering their teammates, a few skiers combed the Prince George thrift shops while others took in the excitement of a Prince George Cougars game. The Saturday night awards ceremony featured dancing and two years’ worth of fireworks.

It was a successful weekend of racing for the Bulkley Valley squad, with a great team atmosphere and very likely the loudest cheering section at the Championships.

Next up for the Smithers skiers, the National Championships in Whistler March 20-27, where three Bulkley Valley racers, Finley Gagnon, Ava Wimbush, and Chloe Williston, will race against the best in the nation. Sources indicate that the US National Ski Team will also be attending the event, featuring Olympic superstar Jessie Diggins.

Here are top 10 finishes for the Bulkley Valley Team

March 4 Classic Mass Start

1st Myles Rosenberger U8 boys

1st Antje von Seydlitz U40 women

2nd Richard Harrison U70 men

3rd Juliette Fleury-Allen U10 girls

3rd Ryan Chapman U50 men

4th Ellie-Mae Werrell U10 girls

4th Ava Wimbush U16 girls

5th Ethan Roseberger U10 boys

5th Jesse Wimbush U14 boys

7th Ethan Chapman U10 boys

8th Chloe Williston U18 girls


March 5 Freestyle Interval Start

1st Myles Rosenberger U8 boys

1st Ethan Rosenberger U10 boys

2nd Dan Hamhuis U40 men

2nd Ryan Chapman U50 men

2nd Richard Harrison U70 men

3rd Juliette Fleury-Allen U10 girls

3rd Finn Rosenberger U12 boys

3rd Ava Wimbush

4th Ellie-Mae Werrell U10 girls

4th Helene Fleury U60 women

5th Morgan Hamhuis U12 girls

5th Jesse Wimbush U14 boys

6th Ethan Chapman U10 boys

6th Gabriel Wimbush U12 boys

8th Clay Nisbet U10 boys

8th Benji Wickham U12 boys

8th Chloe Williston U18 girls

9th Mila Stasiuk U12 girls

9th Patrick Williston U50 men

10th Adrian Wickham U14 boys

10th Ben Forsyth U50 men


March 6 Classic Relay

1st Juliette Fleury-Allen, Ellie-Mae Werrell, Lucy Inden U10 girls

2nd Ethan Chapman, Ethan Rosenberger, Myles Rosenberger U10 boys

3rd Jesse Wimbush, Alex Forsyth, Adrian Wickham U14 boys

7th Chloe Williston, Darah Gillis, Ava Wimbush U20 girls

7th Caedmon Dunbar, Patrick Williston, Ryan Chapman masters men

8th Helene Fleury, Jodi Preto, Laura Hols-Wimbush masters women


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Photo credits: Ben Forsyth

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