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Club Fundraiser is Back With Exciting Matching Offers

Tuesday February 2, 2021

In March of 2020 we launched a fundraiser to purchase a new auxiliary groomer. We received over 50 generous donations and have raised just over $17,000 towards the $22,000 price of a new tracked quad. 
With the assistance of Nordiq Canada and Cross Country BC we are now looking to raise the last $5,000 for the price of the quad. We borrowed from our club reserves to pay for the quad and it has been doing great service helping make our trails better. Please consider helping us improve your skiing experience by donating to this project. All donations are tax deductible.
Excitingly, there are a couple of donation matching opportunities until the Nordiq Canada fundraising campaign ends on March 19th:
  • Cross Country BC will contribute up to $1000 if we raise $2000 in donations and,
  • An anonymous donor has committed to match one for one all donations up to $10,000 effectively doubling the impact of your donation!
If we raise more than the $5,000 outstanding on the price of the tracked quad we will use the excess funds to help build a new heated garage for our PistenBully track setter. A heated garage means our groomers can do a better job looking after the PistenBully, and a happy PistenBully means better trails!
To donate please go to 
The tracked quad pulling the ginzugroomer:

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