BV Nordic Centre

Holiday Hustle Ski Tour

Tuesday December 29, 2020

Lets go skiing....  The Holiday Hustle is a virtual event to encourage people to ski a fun loop at the BV Nordic Centre between December 26 and January 24th.  The route is described below. Ski it once or as many times as you want. You can participate in any or all of the following ways:

  • Ski the route and then post a photo, a poem or anything about your ski on the Facebook group: BV Nordic Holiday Hustle 
  • Ski the route while recording it on Strava. The route will be recognized and the time recorded as a Nordic Ski Segment called "BVN Holiday Hustle". Results will be posted on the Facebook group at the end of the Hustle.  You can look up each person's fastest time anytime at  Strava is a free app for your phone and is fairly easy to use. If you need an introduction to Strava, ask anyone who seems to be fiddling with their phone or watch at the beginning or end of their ski. That person probably uses Strava for every ski, run, bike, etc. and will likely be thrilled to give you some pointers (before or after their activity).
  • Just ski it and enjoy. You won't be recorded as part of the group event and won't be eligible for prizes but you can still tell your personal friends about your ski.

So, please go out and ski, and have some fun. And remember to "Be Safe". Follow Covid protocals by staying more than 2m apart with people outside your bubble. Be courteous to other skiers; if you need to pass give a call out and pass on the opposite track. If you stop to say hi to friends, make sure you leave lots of room for others to get by.


There will be random prizes drawn each week, and maybe special prizes in between.  

The Route

The route starts at the lodge, and runs counterclockwise.  It has been marked at every junction with blue arrows mounted on orange posts.
Go up Northern Lights and turn right onto Goldeneye just after the junction C sign. Continue on Goldeneye until juction G then right onto Down the Mountain.  Turn left onto Valley View (junction L8) then all the way up to L6 where you turn left onto Dahlie Connector. Turn right onto the Perimeter at junction J, then to the Hub (L) and left up Broadway back to the lodge. After doing it once you won't need directions.
Holiday Hustle map

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