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Friday November 6, 2020

The club is hosting the NCCP Community Coaching Workshop November 28-29th. This is the third step in coach training and completion of the course allows you to coach jackrabbit athletes.

Registration deadline Nov 19th. 

Please contact to register for the CC workshop or for more information.


The “CC” Workshop is the third step* in the NCCP coach education program. It provides essential training for coaches delivering an effective skill development program to children six to nine years of age - the “FUNdamentals” stage of athlete development. This program is designed to train coaches to teach children technical skills, select games that reinforce the technical skills being taught, design and lead on-snow sessions, select and prepare equipment for young children and make learning FUN. Successful completion of the ICC online module, enthusiasm and a minimum age of 14 years are the only prerequisites. 

13 hrs / workshop. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $105.00.  The workshop fee for non-CCC/CCBC members is $200.00


- BVCCSC will cover the cost for participants (including the pre-requisite online courses outlined below).

*you must have completed the online CAC & ICC modules in the Locker or a previous ICC workshop to attend this workshop. (Details below.)

The NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport module introduces new or experienced coaches to the foundational skills of coaching, such as long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. It also teaches the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP.

This one-hour NCCP module is available online through the CAC Locker at a cost of $15. 


The “ICC” Workshop is the second step in the NCCP coach education program.  It is designed to teach parents and other beginning coaches with basic information and a feeling of confidence as they begin their role as a coach.  It teaches coaches how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions under the guidance/supervision of more experienced coaches.  The orientation is to skiers of all age groups with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age (the “Active Start” stage of athlete development).  Coaches are taught basic coaching skills, how to teach the fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations, how to create a motivating learning environment and how to set up a ski playground.  Successful completion of the Coach Initiation in Sport online module, enthusiasm and a minimum age  of 14 years are the prerequisites.

5 hour online module. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $52.00. 

Accessing Online eLearning Modules and your NCCP#

To find your NCCP coaching # or to learn how to access the online eLearning modules (Coaching Initiation in Sport, ICC module, Making Ethical Decision test, Making Headway, etc.) please click HERE for Online Module Locker Sign-on instructions. or here:

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